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Vaughan Oliver by the ones who loved him

A celebration of the work of 4ad’s huge art director

Vaughan Oliver
Vaughan Oliver / Photo Giles Revell via Designboom

It is very rare that music fans mourn the loss of an artist who has never recorded a single note. Yet this is exactly what happened when we lost the designer Vaughan Oliver at the end of December. His inventive, intriguing and often downright disturbing album covers for Pixies, Cocteau Twins, Lush and so many others, transported listeners to his unique universe. Sometimes more so than the very music of the artists for whom he worked.
Section26 wanted to pay tribute to him by collecting the memories of some of his collaborators, friends and fans. It’s by remembering the album design which marked them most that they recall their extraordinary experiences of working alongside him, his singular character traits or simply the shock of discovering his work for the first time. Continuer « Vaughan Oliver by the ones who loved him »