Transmission #4 — The Posies

Spéciale The Posies.
Émission du 21 octobre 2018.
Avec Thomas Schwoerer, Xavier MazureÉtienne Greib et Matthieu Grunfeld.

Transmission Section 26 Rinse FR The Posies
The Posies – I May Hate You Sometimes (1988)
The Posies – Sorry To Myself (1990)
The Posies – Solar Sister (1993)
The Posies – Dream all day (1993)
Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t fear the reaper (1976)
The Hollies – Have you ever loved somebody (1967)
Todd Rundgren (Runt) – Chain Letter (1971)
Raspberries – Tonight (1973)
Cheap Trick – Surrender (1978)
Gumball – Here it comes again (1993)
Black FLAG – My War (1984)
Swervedriver – Duel (1993)
V/A feat. Skylar Gudasz – Thirteen, sur l’album Thank You Friends, Big Star’s Third Live (2017)
Jon Auer – Bottom Of The Bottle, extrait de Songs From The Year Of Our Demise (2006)
Orange Humble Band – Can’t Get What You Want, extrait de Assorted Creams (1997)
Ken Stringfellow – You’re The Gold, extrait de Danzig In The Moonlight (2012)
The Disciplines – Complicated Times, extrait de Virgins Of Menace (2011)
Minky Starshine – Everybody Loves A Party, extrait de Dirty Electric (2018)
Gallygows –Things I’ll Never Tell You, extrait de Give It To Her (2000)
Eric Lichter – A Plan So Beautiful, extrait de ELKS in Paris (2012)
Cheap Star – Stay Behind, extrait de Songs For The Farrelly Brothers (2016)
The Posies – Squirrel vs. snakes (2016)
The Posies – Burn And Shine (1993)

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