TRANSMISSION #45 : Spéciale Flying Nun

Spéciale Flying Nun

Émission du 4 octobre 2020
Présentée par Thomas Schwoerer, avec Matthieu Grunfeld et Fred Paquet du Pop Culture Shop.


Toy Love, Squeeze (1979)
Scavengers, Mysterex (1978)
Gordons, Machine Song (1980)
The Pin Group, Ambivalence (1981)
The Clean, Billy Two (1981)
Nocturnal Projections, In Purgatory (1982)
The Stones, Down & Around (1982)
The Chills, Rolling Moon (1982)
The Verlaines, Death & The Maiden (1983)
Builders, Moderation (1983)
Tall Dwarfs, Beauty (1983)
The Great Unwashed, Can’t Find Water (1984)
The Bats, By Night (1984)
Look Blue Go Purple, Safety In Crosswords (1985)
Dead Famous People, Barlow’s House (1986)
The Dead C, Bad Politics (1988)
Alastair Galbraith, Mrs. Blucher (1988)
Snapper, Buddy (1988)
Chris Knox, Not Given Lightly (1989)
3D’S, Dreams Of Hergé (1990)
David Kilgour, Spins You Round (1991)
Sandra Bell, Lost Train (1991)
The Garbage & The Flowers, Carousel (1992)
Bailter Space, X (1994)
Maxine Funke, Beneath (2008)
The Coolies, Pull The Trigger (2010)

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